Why MMT?

Unique Techniques used by MMT

MMT’s patented unique Robotic Digital Paint Drums

MMT drums are the only printing machines to have a width of 7m, which are the only ones to allow to seam a flex of 7m wide and roll it on the drum.

Painting Specifications and Techniques

  • MMT system uses long-lasting acrylic based paint, MMT images are Always Painted, Never Printed.
  • Paint displays a more brilliant image than ink, creating a life-like 3 dimensional vibrant effect with greater depth of color and realism. MMT images are the most brilliant in the industry.
  • Consistency in Production: from the first image until the 1000th, all faces will look exactly the same.

Backlit Painting Process

  • MMT backlit faces are double sided painted, meaning that they are painted simultaneously on both sides of one piece of durable PVC COATED material.
  • MMT process maintains image fidelity and clarity for both day and night viewing, adding a third dimension to your static display
  • Using its double-sided painting technology, MMT can deliver visuals with Day / Night effect

Seaming Process with attached illustrative pictures

  • The seaming is done using a high frequency welding machine.
  • For Backlit seaming, a transparent special seaming tape is used. This tape will be welded at the back of the visual using an edge to edge technique preventing visible dark lines.
  • The key to have a perfect backlit visual is to have an almost invisible seam.